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Why Do I Attract Pyramid Schemes?

I have been on LinkedIn for a very long time. But I have only been actively using it (for myself) since January. It’s been basically 2 and a half months.

And in that time, two people have tried to recruit me into two distinct pyramid schemes.

Oh, I’m sorry. Did I say “pyramid scheme”? I meant multi-level marketing companies. My mistake.

Both recruiters were women with children. Both seemed very nice on LinkedIn.

I traveled across town to meet one of them.

The other – the most recent one – I spoke to on the phone.

They both have regular day jobs.

Both of them seemed very nice.

So nice I feel (a little) bad about writing this.

So nice I wonder if that was a clue: the only people who have been this friendly to me on LinkedIn, who I don’t already know, have tried to recruit me into pyramid schemes.

Is it me?

Is it because I have my own business?

Is it because I have been honest about quitting my day job?

Whatever the reason, people keep trying to recruit me into pyramid schemes.

I haven’t fallen for them so far.

But maybe the next one will be the one.

You never know.

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